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Posted on: 20th Jun 2024

TOU232: Festivals and Events, Research Paper, Sample, MU, Singapore

This TOU232 assignment is designed to assess your ability to research, understand and apply theoretical frameworks in the context of planned events. Theoretical frameworks from related fields of study are highly encouraged – academic sources from tourism, leisure studies, management studies, anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, information technology and the social sciences, in general, all provide fertile ground for your exploration. 

The TOU232 course covers all types of topics like- event fundamentals, the world of planned events, event experiences and meanings, event design, and the planning and management of events. Students will learn how to use these frameworks in practice to efficiently analyze, design, and manage events. The purpose is to assist students get comprehensive knowledge and the necessary skills to analyze, plan, and improve the impact of numerous events in a variety of situations.

Topic 2 – The World of Planned Events: Research Paper Solution Written by Our Singaporean Writers

Figure 1.2: A framework for understanding and creating knowledge about planned events

TOU232: Festivals and Events

What is an event?


  •  an occurrence at a given place and time
  • a special set of circumstances
  •  a noteworthy occurrence
  • a temporal phenomena (Has a beginning and an end)

What is a ‘planned’ event? Many definitions.

Temporary and purposive gatherings of people (Bladen et al, 2018, p.3) Planned events transform locations into temporary environments that contributes to the production, processing, and consumption of culture, concentrated in time and space (Waterman, 1998, p.54).

Live, social events created to achieve specific outcomes, including those related to business, the economy, culture, society and the environment (Getz & Page, 2020, p.58)

‘planned’ event? Many definitions.

Some common characteristics of Planned Events

Planned Events are:

1. Temporary in nature
2. Confined in single or multiple Location
3. Gatherings of people
4. Often displays of ritual
5. Unique occurrences
6. Designed, organised and coordinated

1. Temporary in nature: Time is of the essence

  • How we use, perceive and value time are important considerations in event studies.
  • Events are temporal phenomena, with start and end points, yet the experience of them begins before and possibly never ends!
  • Anticipation and recollection can be just as important as the experience itself.

3. Gatherings of people Gatherings of people in a single or multiple geographic locations
➢provide experiences for participants, guests, spectators and other stakeholders
➢can involve single people as the focus, or the whole group who attend the event
➢comprise both planned staged
elements and unplanned

4. Often displays of ritual

Events can be seen as a form of social interactions beyond our family structures

  • Potential to achieve higher human needs?
  • Many events have cultural, religious or mythological significance
  • Characterised by rituals, symbols, and artefacts which themselves denote meanings

6. Designed, organised and coordinated

Involve the design & implementation of…
➢ Themes – music, art, sport
➢ Settings – where they are held
➢ Consumables – souvenirs, food and drink, rides
➢ Services – toilets, security, first aid
➢ Programs – what goes on!


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  • Getz, D., & Page, S. J. (2020). Events studies: theories and policy for planned
    events (4th ed.). Oxford, UK: Rout.

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