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LB5124 Business Innovation and Technology Management Assignment, JCU, Singapore you need to write a proposal for a new product for Safety Culture that fits with its mission and can provide a sustainable competitive advantage
Posted on: 27th Sep 2022

LB5124 Business Innovation and Technology Management Assignment, JCU, Singapore you need to write a proposal for a new product for Safety Culture that fits with its mission and can provide a sustainable competitive advantage

In this assessment, you need to write a proposal for a new product for SafetyCulture that fits with its mission and can provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Submission Upload your assessment and any supporting materials in one go. You can submit as many times as you want. Only the last submission will be graded.


Safety is the basic condition and premise of production and business operation activities and life. Nowadays, more and more companies pay more attention to safety culture. However, due to the different production and operation needs of different industries, the safety culture corresponding to different enterprises will also be different.

In this case, a single safety audit standard obviously cannot be applied to a complex production and operation environment. We need to provide customers with personalized services to meet new market demands. In the previous years, SafetyCulture made a solid foundation of customer service and future innovation, while providing customers with a good user experience, we are also developing personalized services for them in our new products.

SafetyCulture’s mission and products

Our company, SafetyCulture, aims to make the world’s working environments safer. Its iAuditor App delivers safety and quality applications to front-line workers and provides companies with digital health and safety checklists. The iAuditor also collects data on a wide range of fields. This includes photos, GPS locations, failed projects, electronic and signatures ect. Companies can use the collected data to make faster and better decisions and to detect and prevent serious problems.

SafetyCulture developed a mobile App, iAuditor, that allows workers to perform real-time audits to assess safety and quality and effectively improve workplace safety. But for people from all works of life, most of them just come into the office or the workplace early in the morning, physically accomplish the job they had to do, and go back home with a sense of disappointment. They feel they have not finished anything significant at the end of the day.

This is because even though they accomplish the work and fulfill the checklists, there is no optimization of the lists. It is easy to let the individuals or organizations lose their patience to use the checklists. We will lose our customers’ stickiness in a long run. Most of the customers do not know how to optimize the functions or they cannot upgrade better checklists on iAuditor. In this case, we should bring into Personalized Service in iAuditor.

Product Description

iAuditor APP is a semi-automated security audit tool. iAuditor is a security inspection application designed to simplify the audit process by enabling anyone to easily and effectively manage security and quality from a mobile device. iAuditor is used to inspect and effectively manage the safety and quality of a business environment. The product helps the business record, investigate, and report issues arising from the workplace via the mobile application. The platform has made the processes more accessible and convenient for every individual to conduct their operations conveniently. However, due to lacking personalized service, the traditional functions cannot meet every individual or organization’s needs. Without customization and Services for the special needs of specific businesses or individuals, we will lose market competitiveness on the future battlefield. Now is an era of personal customization and customization is not the privilege of the minority. Everyone can customize the services they need according to their own needs.


Through years of data analysis and collection, we have a powerful data acquisition system and data analysis system. With the support of a huge database, we can analyze and make decisions through algorithms based on the basic information and special needs provided by customers, and finally provide each customer with a unique list of security requirements, which can even be refined for different departments or a personal list for any individuals.

We provide personalized service to individuals or small groups. If a person signs up in iAuditor, it means he or she has personal needs to improve personal or corporate safety culture or some specifically special needs. It could be personal work or study needs for efficiency or efficiency improvement programs or security programs for small businesses. For this group of customers, we, iAuditor will provide our special customer survey to them understand their specific needs. With the help of data analysis and algorithms, we will tailor a special program for him, and provide short-term, long-term, or lifetime technical support services according to the customer’s consumption choice. The purpose of private customization is to provide customers with satisfactory services. A good user experience helps companies continuously improve their products or services. It is all these differences in user experience that constitute the user’s unique experience perception of a company. Customer experience is an integral part of customer relationship management. A good customer experience can promote customers to repurchase and gain better word of mouth. According to the survey, 73% of customers regard the customer experience as a key factor in their purchasing decisions, second only to price and product quality. 82% of customers will abandon a product because of a bad experience.

Value Proposition

For most of firms, they are facing the problem of finding strategies to improve team cooperation as team composition and information flows become more complicated. Traditional business management strategies and operational regulations cannot be suitable for every corporate in this rapidly changing age. Private customization first emerged in the clothing industry, and it was often the nobles who would pay a high price for a set of clothes tailored for them. But now, when you drink single-origin coffee, the clerk will ask you about your taste, whether you prefer washed or sun-dried, light-roasted or medium-roasted. When buying meat, they will also ask you what to cook and recommend different parts to you. Personal customization is gradually appearing in all aspects of our lives, not just for a few people.

Sustainable competitive advantages

The current epidemic is so serious, why do customers still choose to buy your products? When the company started to develop, did some large structures have clear goals and corresponding coping strategies? Your product design, marketing, and strategy can be directly seen from the performance data analysis. If the sales ability is not good, you can change it. However, if there are problems when the company’s management policy is established, or market branding strategy is established. In this era where the market environment is changing all the time, we also need a more professional and targeted team to guide and analyze business management and give reasonable management suggestions and methods to overcome difficulties. Under the current epidemic environment, how long your company can survive without a specific plan for specific adversity. The truth will show everything.

Developing capabilities

Private customization is based on the iAuditor platform, customers provide their raw data and needs through iAuditor. To make the iAuditor compelling and more beneficial to the users, the organization should synchronize the data from the android or OS device and the web servers. For medium and large enterprises, due to their complex departmental relationships and diverse job types and positions, their needs for safety culture are diverse. In the same enterprise, their standards for safety culture are different. If the same standards are used to restrict or arrange work, it will be disastrous for the operation and development of the enterprise. Without any experienced experts in management and operation, the corporates will seek help from professional institutions or consulting teams. for this kind of situation, iAuditor can provide more professional solutions to solve the problems. For large enterprises, we can send experts to the companies for months and let the company arrange positions for our experts in order to make the most intuitive and most needed survey for enterprises. By comparing the data with our own database, we could figure out the best solution of safety culture solutions and specialize the checklists for each department. We will also provide specialized personalized services for employees and employers, like making personality tests or questionnaires to ensure that the correct checklist is provided for the individual. This service will absolutely improve the safety culture for the companies and improve the overall work efficiency of the company because all decisions are not independent of each other but in a complete management system, each employee plays an important role in an overall enterprise ecosystem, and employees will never feel that their positions are worthless. This will also greatly boost the enthusiasm of employees. For those medium companies, they may not provide positions for business consultants for safety culture. iAuditor can provide a consultant team specially applied to enterprises provides technical support and guidance to enterprises and provides long-term consulting services.

Demonstration of the innovative thinking process

Against the backdrop of the pandemic era, many corporates change their way of management and people must shift to work at home and utilize online platforms for their daily activities. Maintaining a work-life balance is becoming increasingly crucial in the changing environment. It has been shown through data that working from home can decrease the efficiency of an individual (Seva et al, 2021). This current situation is not what an entrepreneur wants. With the help of private customization, the working model for employees will change compared with the old days.

It will be a great challenge for an organization striving to meet its safety standards because it needs time for both employers and employees to adjust to the new working methods. In some instances, for companies’ safety culture, carrying out inspection will be cumbersome because of the lack of availability of some employees, or failure to reach them can cause inconvenience (Ayres & Williams, 2004). With the personalized function for different corporates, iAuditor will adjust for their very important customers and every preparation step necessary will be handled by the iAuditor engineers.

Pre-tested resources and models for validating will be provided by SafetyCultue. Once testing and validation are over and a working prototype is provided, the results will be communicated and presented to the potential investors for a large-scale application for companies.


Nowadays, the rate of technological advancement is expanding at an exponential rate. The current management model is sometimes gradually unable to keep up with the development of technology and the times. Problems accrue when a business and personal working style do not have an appropriate model, people suffer in this situation, and it will waste organizations’ time and money. In this case, personalized customization is vitally important for companies to adjust their management models and customer services. This will help companies and individuals better survive in the future.

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