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Category S3729C: Specialist Diploma in Sport Science and Wellness
Posted on: 7th Oct 2022

S3729C: Specialist Diploma in Sport Science and Wellness Assignment, RP, Singapore you are required to provide evidence of your competency in the development and implementation of a community exercise engagement session

Section A

Development and Implementation of an Exercise Engagement Session

In this section, you are required to provide evidence of your competency in the
development and implementation of a community exercise engagement session.

Deliverables Marks

A1. Conduct and record relevant pre-assessment procedures (e.g. PARQ,

ACSM exercise readiness assessment) and baseline fitness tests. 5

A2. Plan of exercise engagement session which must include the

• Programme schedule for activities, inclusive of floorplan or
map if applicable

• Risk assessment and management plan

• Writeup in not more than 1000 words which includes the following points

a) How the exercises in the planned program were targeted at specific health and fitness aspects of the target audience, and what are the benefits of focusing particularly on resistance training modalities for this session?

b) What methods did you use to ensure participant engagement during the implementation of this program and what would you do to ensure continued participation in resistance training regimens to provide sustainable benefits to the audience?

A3. Video recording of a segment of the program that you have conducted.

A4. Video recording of yourself teaching a subject how to carry out resistance training on any HUR resistance exercise machines, in a safe and effective manner.

Section B

Planning, Execution, and Evaluation of an Online Health Promotion Programme

In this section, you will be required to produce content that is aimed at a selected area of health promotion (e.g. physical activity, mental wellness, healthy nutrition) which could be delivered in the form of a live stream or online social media content.

Deliverables Marks

B1. Submit a recording of your live-streamed session or social media content. The content must demonstrate evidence of the application of the following media production techniques covered in class to enhance audience engagement, including but not limited to

• Cinematography techniques (e.g. appropriate use of camera views, application of 3-point lighting principles)

• Sound reinforcement (e.g. vocal enhancement, background music)

• Post-production techniques (e.g. special effects, scene transitions)

• Audience engagement elements (e.g. comments, popups)

B2. Provide an accompanying writeup to the content created in not more than 1000 words, which would need to include the following points

a) Description of the intended target audience, and aspect of health promotion that your media content is aimed at addressing.

b) Identification of the elements of your media production that were aimed at enhancing audience engagement, with reference to the application of media production techniques as applied for this purpose.

c) Summarise the feedback received from at least 20 separate persons on your health promotion media content and provide your own insights on this feedback.

d) Include a copy of the survey questions in the Annex

NOTE: keep the number of survey questions low (not more than 10) which should include a majority of quantitative indicators, and a small number of questions allocated for qualitative feedback. Include a mixture of process and impact indicators in your survey

Section C

Creation of a Data Visualization Dashboard for Data Reporting and Analysis

In this section, you need to develop a dashboard in the form of an R Shiny Web
Application, which will comprise a display to encompass data visualization of form fills, data modeling and comparison against norms, and a qualitative analysis segment incorporating text analytics and sentiment analysis.

Deliverables Marks

C1. Submit the web link for your R Shiny Web Application as well as the source codes via GitHub, which should contain the following features

• Data Visualization (e.g. interactive data entry platforms with direct input or file upload, and reactive elements in the form of different ggplot2 elements – histogram, boxplots, scatter, etc)

• Data Modelling (e.g. hypothesis testing with a comparison of indicators against norms, using T or Z statistics)

• Qualitative Analysis (e.g. text analytics and sentiment analysis of qualitative survey data)

C2. Provide an instructional manual for your R Shiny web application, as well as use case data for demonstration.

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