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Posted on: 14th Nov 2022

HBC101 Understanding Contemporary Society: The Social And Behavioural Sciences Assignment Sample Singapore

HBC101 Understanding Contemporary Society: The Social And Behavioural Sciences course explores the various ways that social and behavioral sciences help us to understand contemporary society. We’ll examine the different methods and approaches used by social and behavioral scientists, and we’ll apply these concepts to real-world examples. By the end of the course, you should have a good understanding of the social and behavioral sciences and their role in contemporary society.

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In this section, we’ll go through some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1:  Discuss The Key Historical And Philosophical Tenets Of The Social And Behavioural Sciences.

The social and behavioral sciences are a broad field that draws from many different disciplines and theories. At their core, though, they are concerned with understanding how human thought, perception, and behavior influence social interactions and individual success.

Key historical and philosophical tenets of the social and behavioral sciences include the belief in the importance of observing natural phenomena objectively, employing systematic research methodologies, exploring one’s own biases in order to gain a more nuanced understanding of human behavior, and recognizing that humans have an inherent capacity for rational thought.

Overall, these tenets have shaped the development of these disciplines over time by providing researchers with a framework for approaching complex questions about human psychology and behavior. They have also championed the idea that insights gained through careful study can produce meaningful improvements in areas such as education, law enforcement, healthcare delivery systems, and policymaking.

Ultimately, the social and behavioral sciences continue to play a critical role in shaping our modern world by helping us to understand ourselves better as individuals and members of society.

Assignment Brief 2: Explain The Development Of The Major Social And Behavioural Science Disciplines About Their Historical Origins.

Over the course of human history, people have continually sought to better understand themselves and the world around them through a variety of different scientific disciplines. These disciplines can be broadly classified into two main categories: social sciences and behavioral sciences. Social sciences, such as psychology and sociology, are focused on studying the interactions between people and groups in society. Behavioral sciences, on the other hand, center on the study of an individual’s behavior and thought processes.

The development of both these types of sciences has been shaped by a number of complex factors throughout history. For example, developments in philosophy and medicine in ancient Greece helped lay the groundwork for modern psychological thought; meanwhile, advances in biology and genetics during the Renaissance informed findings in behavioral science research.

In many cases, further breakthroughs were only possible due to innovation in technology and experimentation methodologies. Overall, then, it is clear that both social and behavioral science disciplines have undergone a long process of evolution over thousands of years. Their continued maturation will no doubt benefit future generations as well.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate An Understanding Of Terms And Concepts In The Social And Behavioural Sciences When Discussing Social Phenomena.

In order to fully understand and discuss social phenomena, it is necessary to have a solid grasp of key terms and concepts in the social and behavioral sciences. These concepts include things like power, status, roles, norms, group dynamics, and inequality.

For example, understanding how these different factors can impact and shape perceptions, behaviors, and structures within society is crucial for assessing current trends or predicting future changes.

Additionally, having an awareness of existing theories and academic debates related to these topics can help us to better understand and navigate complex societal issues. Through continued research and critical analysis of social phenomena and the underlying theoretical underpinnings that influence them, we can gain valuable insights into the structure of society as a whole.

Assignment Brief 4: Use Suitable Social And Behavioural Science Approaches To Address Social And Behavioural Science Issues And Research Questions.

There are many social and behavioral science approaches that can be used to address research questions and issues in this field. Some of the most effective approaches include quantitative methods, such as surveys and statistical analyses, which can help to generate large data sets that provide a demographic view of different populations.

Another important approach is qualitative research, which involves interviews, focus groups, and other techniques for gathering information from individuals or small groups. These methods help researchers understand people’s unique perspectives on different issues and develop targeted interventions based on the insights gleaned from this form of research.

Additionally, many social and behavioral science researchers also use participatory action research (PAR), in which members of a given community work together with researchers to identify problems or needs within their communities and design solutions that have a real impact on the lives of those involved.

By using a variety of social and behavioral science approaches in their work, researchers can gain valuable insights into the mindsets and experiences of different populations while also generating effective interventions to drive social progress.

Assignment Brief 5: Present A Social And Behavioural Science Explanation For Common Social Phenomena.

In the social and behavioral sciences, there are countless phenomena that we encounter on a regular basis. This could include things like friendships, romantic relationships, social hierarchies, or even basic human behavior like cooperation and competition.

While it may seem as though these phenomena can be attributed to simple instinct or learned behaviors, social and behavioral science offers much deeper explanations.

For instance, theories of attachment suggest that early bonding experiences influence our later interpersonal attachments throughout life. Likewise, theories of social influence such as conformity point to the role that peer pressure plays in shaping our beliefs and behaviors.

Finally, models of cognitive development explain how an individual’s mental capacities lead to certain aspects of their personality and behavior. In short, despite our intuitive assumptions about these common social phenomena, there is much more at play than meets the eye. By drawing upon various theories from across the field of social and behavioral science, we can gain a deeper understanding of these complex issues.

Assignment Brief 6: Identify A Suitable Research Method That Can Be Used To Address A Social Or Business Problem.

There are many different research methods that can be used to address social or business problems. In general, it is important to choose a research method that is well-suited to the specific problem in question, as certain methods may provide more relevant or accurate data than others.

For example, one suitable research method for addressing social issues could be focus groups, which allow researchers to get feedback directly from the target group. This allows for more in-depth analysis of complex topics and provides an opportunity to gather information on attitudes and opinions in real-time.

Alternatively, surveys can also be an effective way to collect information on a wide range of topics in a cost-effective manner. In sum, there are many different research methods available, and it is essential to select one that is best suited to the particular issue at hand.

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