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Posted on: 20th Jun 2024

TOU232: Festivals and Events, Research Paper, Sample, MU, Singapore

This TOU232 assignment is designed to assess your ability to research, understand and apply theoretical frameworks in the context of planned events. Theoretical frameworks from related fields of study are highly encouraged – academic sources from tourism, leisure studies, management studies, anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, information technology and the social sciences, in general, all provide fertile ground for your exploration. 

The TOU232 course covers all types of topics like- event fundamentals, the world of planned events, event experiences and meanings, event design, and the planning and management of events. Students will learn how to use these frameworks in practice to efficiently analyze, design, and manage events. The purpose is to assist students get comprehensive knowledge and the necessary skills to analyze, plan, and improve the impact of numerous events in a variety of situations.

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Three Discourses: Event Studies, Event Management and Event Tourism

TOU232: Festivals and Events

Core propositions in event tourism 

  • attract tourists who generate economic benefits 
  • create positive images for the destination 
  • contribute to place marketing 
  • animate cities, resorts, parks, urban spaces, venues
  • act as catalysts for urban renewal, 
  • infrastructure development, improved marketing capability

TOU232: Festivals and Events

Major foundation disciplines of event studies

  • Anthropology 
  • Sociology 
  • Philosophy 
  • Religious studies 
  • Psychology 
  • Economics 
  • Management 
  • Political Science 
  • Law 
  • History 
  • Human Geography 
  • Future Studies


Arcodia, C., & Tanuja, B. (2003). The employability prospects of graduates in event management: Using data from job advertisements. In R. W. Braithwaite (Ed.), Riding the Wave of Tourism and Hospitality Research, CAUTHE (pp. 1–15). Coffs Harbour, N.S.W., Australia: Southern Cross University. Retrieved from Getz, D. (2008). Event tourism: Definition, evolution, and research. Tourism Management, 29(3), 403–428. Getz, D., & Page, S. J. (2020). Events studies: theories and policy for planned events (4th ed.). Oxford, UK: Rout. Jafari, J. (2001). Scientification of tourism. In V. . Smith & M. Brent (Eds.), Hosts and Guests Revisited (pp. 28–41). New York. USA: Cognizant Communication Corporation. McKercher, B., & Tung, V. (2015). Publishing in tourism and hospitality journals: Is the past a prelude to the future? Tourism Management, 50, 306– 315. doi:10.1016/j.tourman.2015.03.008

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