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Posted on: 1st Nov 2022

SCO107 Challenging Sustainability SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

The course SCO107 Challenging Sustainability is designed to introduce students to the complexities of sustainability. The course will explore the meaning of sustainability, and how it can be applied to our lives. We will examine the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability, and how these dimensions interact with each other.

In addition, we will critically assess various solutions to environmental problems, and explore the ethical considerations involved in making decisions about the environment. The course will also provide an overview of the scientific evidence for anthropogenic climate change, and consider the implications of climate change for sustainable development.

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The tasks provided in this section are as follows:

Assignment Task 1: Outline The 3-Pillars Of Sustainability And The UN SDGs.

The three pillars of sustainability are environmental, social, and economic. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address all three of these pillars in order to promote sustainable development.

  • Environmental sustainability refers to the need to protect the environment and natural resources. This includes reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy, protecting ecosystems, and cleaning up hazardous waste.
  • Social sustainability includes promoting human rights, education, health, and gender equality. It also involves reducing poverty and inequality, providing access to clean water and sanitation, and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.
  • Economic sustainability focuses on creating jobs and growth, while also preserving the planet’s resources. This means moving towards a green economy that is based on renewable energy sources, sustainable agriculture, and responsible consumption and production patterns.

The SDGs were created in 2015 as a way to set a global agenda for sustainable development. There are 17 goals in total, which cover the three pillars of sustainability. The goals are interdependent and indivisible, meaning that they must be achieved together in order to create a sustainable future for all.

Assignment Task 2: Describe International And Regional Strategies Of Cooperation.

There are a variety of international and regional strategies of cooperation that can be used to promote global peace and security. One such strategy is conflict prevention, which involves using diplomacy and other non-violent means to prevent disputes from erupting into violence. Another strategy is peacekeeping, which entails sending international military or police forces into conflict zones to maintain order and protect civilians.

Additionally, there is conflict resolution, which seeks to end hostilities through mediation, negotiation, and other peaceful means. Finally, there is post-conflict reconstruction, which helps to rebuild war-torn societies and promote long-term stability. Each of these strategies has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all play a vital role in maintaining global peace and security.

Assignment Task 3: Explain The Sustainability Challenges And Responses By Asia And ASEAN.

Asia and the ASEAN region are home to some of the world’s most populous countries and fastest-growing economies. This has led to increased pressure on the region’s natural resources, resulting in sustainability challenges that must be addressed.

Some of the key sustainability challenges in Asia and the ASEAN region include climate change, air pollution, water scarcity, deforestation, and conservation of biodiversity. While these issues are complex and require a multi-faceted approach, there are a number of responses that can help address these challenges.

On the climate change front, many Asian countries have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. To further this commitment, several Asian nations have also established carbon markets and are investing in renewable energy sources.

Assignment Task 4: Identify Cultural, Social, Political, And Economic Factors That Undergird Responses In Asia.

There are a variety of cultural, social, political, and economic factors that impact the responses of Asian countries to global issues.

One key cultural difference is the importance of face in Asian societies. The face is the respect and honor that one receives from others, and maintaining a face is often seen as more important than speaking the truth or admitting mistakes. This can lead to challenges in communication and negotiation, as well as a reluctance to openly criticize or challenge authority figures.

Social factors such as filial piety – the respect and duty towards one’s parents and elders – also play a role in shaping responses. In many Asian cultures, filial piety is seen as a core virtue, and this can lead to a sense of obligation towards one’s family or community that may take precedence over other concerns.

Political factors such as the influence of authoritarian regimes or the legacies of colonialism also shape responses. In China, for example, the Communist Party maintains a tight grip on power, which can limit freedom of expression and prevent dissenting voices from being heard.

Finally, economic factors such as trade dependencies or levels of development can also impact responses. For instance, countries that are highly dependent on exports may be reluctant to take action on climate change if it would threaten their economic growth.

Taken together, these cultural, social, political, and economic factors all play a role in shaping the responses of Asian countries to global issues.

Assignment Task 5: Illustrate Singapore’s Sustainability Agenda And Civil Society Initiatives With Examples.

Singapore has made great strides in its sustainability agenda, with various initiatives spearheaded by the government as well as civil society.

For example, the government has put in place a number of policies and measures to promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These include the promotion of renewable energy, energy-saving measures for buildings and vehicles, and waste reduction programs.

Civil society has also played a role in promoting sustainability. Local NGO Zero Waste SG, for instance, campaigns for waste reduction and advocates for circular economy practices. It has organized events such as Recycling Day and Trashless Tuesday to educate the public on waste reduction strategies.

These are just a few examples of the many initiatives underway in Singapore to promote sustainability. Together, they illustrate the country’s commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.

Assignment Task 6: Appraise Sustainability Solutions For Individual Action.

Sustainability solutions for individual activities are important because they can help reduce an individual’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

There are a number of ways that individuals can reduce their environmental impact, including reducing energy consumption, driving less, waste reduction, and eating sustainable foods. In addition, individuals can also support sustainability initiatives by choosing green energy providers, recycling electronics, and conserving water.

By taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, individuals can help make a difference in the fight against climate change. In addition, these solutions can also lead to other benefits such as lower energy bills and a healthier lifestyle.

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