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Posted on: 27th Oct 2022

OST161 Lead And Influence SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

OST161 Lead And Influence is a course that explores the ways in which people in organizations can lead and influence others. The course examines different leadership styles and how they can be used to achieve desired outcomes. It also looks at the role of power in leadership and how it can be used effectively.

In addition, the course explores the impact of change on organizations and how leaders can facilitate positive change. Ultimately, the goal of the course is to help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective leaders in their chosen fields.

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In this part, we have provided some assignment activities for you. These are:

OST161 Assignment Activity 1: Identify The Different Leadership Styles And Their Characteristics.

There are many different leadership styles that can be effective in a variety of situations. The key is to identify the style that best suits your personality and the needs of your team. Here are four popular leadership styles and their key characteristics:

  1. Authoritarian: This style is characterized by a single leader who makes all decisions without input from others. This can be an effective way to maintain control in fast-paced or high-stress environments. However, it can also lead to resentment among team members if they feel they are not being heard.
  2. Democratic: This style encourages input from all team members before decisions are made. This can help to build consensus and buy-in for projects or goals. However, it can also lead to indecision if there are conflicting opinions.
  3. Laissez-faire: This style gives team members the freedom to make decisions and take actions without direct supervision from the leader. This can foster creativity and innovation, but it can also lead to chaos if team members do not have a clear direction.
  4. Transformational: This style focuses on inspiring and motivating team members to achieve common goals. This style can be very effective in building morale and commitment, but it requires strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Assignment Activity 2: Interpret Leadership Issues Through The Lenses Of Leaders In The Field:

It can be difficult to know how to interpret the ever-changing landscape of leadership issues. One way to better understand these issues is to hear from leaders in the field who are experiencing them firsthand. These leaders can provide valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities of today’s leadership landscape.

By listening to their stories, we can gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of leadership and the important role it plays in our lives. In this way, we can begin to see leadership issues not as abstract concepts, but as real-world problems that need our attention and solutions. only by hearing from those who are dealing with these issues on a daily basis can we hope to create lasting change.

OST161 Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate The Key Competencies Of Leaders.

Leaders must be able to think strategically, set direction, and motivate people to achieve results.

  1. First and foremost, leaders need to be able to think strategically. They need to be able to see the big picture, understand the business environment and marketplace, identify opportunities and threats, and develop a plan that will enable their company or organization to achieve its goals.
  2. Second, leaders need to be able to set direction. They need to articulate a clear vision for the future, establish priorities, develop strategies and plans that support that vision, and make sure everyone in the organization is moving in the same direction.
  3. Third, leaders need to be able to motivate people. They need to create a positive work environment where employees are encouraged to do their best, and they need to provide the resources and support that employees need to be successful.

Leaders must be competent in all of these areas in order to be effective. They need to be able to think strategically, set direction, and motivate people to achieve results. without these competencies, leaders will not be able to achieve their desired outcomes.

Assignment Activity 4: Explain The Situational And Environmental Constraints In Making Good Decisions.

There are a few situational and environmental constraints that can affect our ability to make good decisions.

  • First, we need to have all the information we need in order to make a decision. If there are important pieces of information that are missing, it can hamper our ability to make an informed choice.
  • Second, our environment can also play a role in how well we’re able to think critically and logically. If we’re in a noisy or chaotic environment, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand and make thoughtful decisions.
  • Finally, our mood can also affect how well we’re able to think rationally and make good decisions. If we’re feeling anxious or stressed out, it’s likely that our judgment will be impaired.

These are just a few of the constraints that can impact our ability to make good decisions. It’s important to be aware of them so that we can try to mitigate their effects and make the best choices possible.

OST161 Assignment Activity 5: Use Team Leadership Concepts When Working In Teams.

There are a number of team leadership concepts that can be useful when working in teams. One is the idea of setting a clear direction for the team. This can involve establishing goals and objectives, and making sure everyone is on the same page with regard to what needs to be accomplished.

Another key concept is ensuring that team members have the necessary skills and resources to do their jobs effectively. This includes providing adequate training, as well as ensuring that everyone has access to the tools and information they need.

It’s also important to foster a sense of trust and cooperation among team members. This can be done by encouraging open communication, and by developing a culture of mutual respect. And finally, it’s important to track progress and provide feedback so that team members can see how they’re contributing to the overall goal.

By using these team leadership concepts, you can create a more effective and productive team.

Assignment Activity 6: Improve Current Leadership Practices.

Improve Current Leadership Practices. A big part of being a great leader is being able to constantly learn and improve. The best leaders are always looking for ways to evolve and grow, both as individuals and as a team.

Here are some tips for improving your current leadership practices:

1) Be open to feedback. Feedback can be a valuable tool for learning and growth. Ask your team members for feedback regularly, and be willing to listen objectively and without judgment.

2) Take the time to learn new skills. Leaders who are continually learning are more effective leaders. Make it a point to learn new things every year, whether it’s a new skill related to your field or just something new about leadership itself.

3) Be willing to change. If you’re not growing and changing, you’re not leading effectively. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things, and be willing to make changes when necessary.

4) Encourage your team members to grow. Just as you should be constantly learning and growing, so should your team members. Encourage them to take on new challenges, and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

5) Evaluate your progress. Take the time to regularly evaluate your leadership practices and make adjustments as needed. This will help you ensure that you’re always moving in the right direction.

By following these tips, you can improve your current leadership practices and become a more effective leader.

OST161 Assignment Activity 7: Develop Feasible Solutions To Real-Life Leadership Issues.

Real-life leadership issues can quickly become overwhelming. Developing feasible solutions requires taking a step back to analyze the situation and identify the root of the problem. Once the root cause has been identified, it is easier to develop targeted solutions that are more likely to be successful. However, it is also important to consider the resources that are available and whether or not a proposed solution is realistic given the limitations. By taking a systematic approach to solving real-life leadership issues, it becomes possible to develop solutions that will effectively address the problem while also being feasible to implement.

Here is an example of how this approach can be used to solve a real-life leadership issue:

Situation: A team is struggling to complete a project on time and within budget.

1) Analyze the situation. In order to develop feasible solutions, it is necessary to first understand the cause of the problem. In this case, the root cause may be a lack of clear direction from the leader, inadequate resources, or poor communication among team members.

2) Identify the resources that are available. Once the root cause has been identified, it is important to consider what resources are available to address the issue. For example, if the problem is a lack of clear direction from the leader, then one possible solution would be to provide more training or resources on the project management process.

3) Develop targeted solutions. Once the root cause and available resources have been considered, it is possible to develop targeted solutions that are more likely to be successful. In this case, some possible solutions might include developing a clear project plan with milestones and deadlines, assigning specific roles and responsibilities to team members, or increasing communication among team members.

4) Evaluate the feasibility of each solution. Not all solutions will be feasible to implement, so it is important to evaluate each one based on the resources that are available. For example, if the problem is a lack of resources, then a solution that requires additional funding is likely to be infeasible.

5) Choose the most feasible solution. After evaluating the feasibility of each solution, it is necessary to choose the one that is most likely to be successful given the resources that are available. In this case, the most feasible solution might be to develop a clear project plan with milestones and deadlines.

By taking a systematic approach to solving real-life leadership issues, it is possible to develop solutions that will effectively address the problem while also being feasible to implement.

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