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Posted on: 6th Nov 2022

WSQ Control Noise And Vibration (CNV) Assignment Sample Singapore

The WSQ Control Noise and Vibration module covers the knowledge and skills required to control noise and vibration in the workplace. It includes identifying sources of noise and vibration, assessing exposure levels, implementing controls, and monitoring effectiveness.

This module is important for anyone who works in a noisy or vibrating environment, as it can help to reduce the risk of health problems such as hearing loss. With the right controls in place, noise and vibration can be managed effectively to create a safer and more comfortable working environment.

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In this section, we are providing some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Establish The Objectives For Noise And Vibration Control.

The objectives for noise and vibration control can vary depending on the specific application, but typically they will aim to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Reducing noise levels to an acceptable level
  • Preventing or minimizing the transmission of vibration from one object to another
  • Isolating equipment from external vibrations in order to protect it from damage
  • Minimizing the impact of noise and vibration on the human body.

Assignment Activity 2: Identifying Noise And Vibration Hazard Sources And The Ill Health Effects.

There are a few ways to identify noise and vibration hazard sources in the workplace. The first is to perform a noise assessment, which will help identify any areas in the workplace where noise levels exceed 85 dB. The second is to perform a vibration assessment, which will help identify any areas in the workplace where vibrations exceed 0.5 m/s².

The ill health effects of noise and vibration can be quite serious and can include hearing loss, tinnitus, cardiovascular problems, and fatigue. It’s therefore important to take steps to mitigate these hazards by implementing appropriate safety measures. Such measures may include installing soundproofing or acoustic barriers, using noise-canceling headphones or earplugs, and providing employees with rotating shifts to minimize exposure.

Assignment Activity 3: Analyze The Characteristics Of Noise And Vibration Hazard Sources.

There are many sources of noise and vibration hazards in the workplace. Some of the most common include:

  • Machinery
  • Power tools
  • Construction Equipment
  • Musical instruments

Each type of source can present its own unique set of dangers. Machinery, for example, can cause hearing loss if workers are not properly protected from the noise it emits. Power tools can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), which is a condition that results from prolonged use of vibrating tools. And construction equipment can cause both noise and vibration hazards, as well as injuries from collisions.

It’s important for employers to take steps to identify and control these hazards in order to protect their workers. This may include providing workers with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as earplugs or noise-canceling headphones, and implementing administrative controls, such as work rotation schedules.

Assignment Activity 4: Determine The Control Methods For Noise And Vibration Hazards.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to control noise and vibration hazards in the workplace. Some common methods include the following:

  1. Engineering Controls – Engineering controls are devices or systems that are used to reduce or eliminate exposure to noise and vibration hazards. Examples of engineering controls include sound dampeners, shock absorbers, and isolators.
  2. Administrative Controls – Administrative controls are measures that are put in place to reduce exposure to noise and vibration hazards. These controls may include limiting the number of time employees spend on certain tasks, scheduling work breaks, and providing hearing protection devices.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment – Personal protective equipment is gear that is worn by employees to protect them from noise and vibration hazards. This gear may include earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and work gloves.

Employers should implement a combination of these methods in order to effectively control noise and vibration hazards in the workplace. This will ensure that workers are protected from these hazards and that they can perform their jobs safely.

Assignment Activity 5: Implementation Of Noise And Vibration Control Process.

There are various ways to control noise and vibration in an industrial setting. One common method is the use of sound-absorbing materials. These materials can be placed on walls, ceilings, or any other surfaces that might amplify sound or vibrations.

Another option is to use vibration dampers. These devices work by absorbing the energy of vibrations, which helps to reduce their effect on nearby objects. Additionally, there are various engineering techniques that can be used to reduce noise and vibration levels. For example, proper placement of equipment can help to minimize the transmission of sound and vibrations.

Ultimately, choosing the right method for controlling noise and vibration will depend on the specific application and environment. Employers should work with experts to determine the best course of action for their workplace. By taking these steps, they can ensure that their workers are protected from noise and vibration hazards.

Assignment Activity 6: Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Noise And Vibration Control Measures.

Noise and vibration control measures are used to reduce the amount of noise and vibration that is transmitted from one object to another. The most common noise and vibration control measures are soundproofing, insulation, and dampening.

Soundproofing is the use of materials that prevent sound from passing through them. Insulation is the use of materials that reduce the amount of heat transfer. Dampening is the use of materials that reduce the amount of vibration transfer.

Noise and vibration control measures are effective in reducing noise and vibration levels. However, they can be expensive to install and may not be effective in all applications. Employers should consult with experts to determine the best noise and vibration control measures for their workplace.

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